Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NLC Council Report

Below is a copy of the written report that I submitted to the City Council this week regarding the recent National League of Cities Conference and visits to out Utah Congressional delegation:

Councilmember Rushton
Council Report

March 19, 2013

NLC CONFERENCE & federal meetings


During March 9-13 I attended and represented West Valley City at the National League of Cities Conference and additional visits to member offices of the Utah Congressional delegation in Washington D.C. The conference major speakers and presenters included several high ranking administration officials including Housing and Urban Development, Homeland Security, Health & Human Services, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Vice President Biden was a late addition to the conference and his remarks were missed due to previously arranged meetings with our WVC schedule. The conference at the Marriott Wardman began on Saturday and concluded Wednesday. The conference a variety of workshops and round tables discussions focused on community development, transportation infrastructure, policy and programs. The Congressional visits with both staff and members of Congress were well received as we reviewed West Valley City’s progress and requests for assistance. Additionally, the steering committee I was appointed to was able to meet twice to discuss issues and set priorities for this year.  NLC committee work was extremely productive as we set priorities for the upcoming year.  I’ve also included some press that the First Tier Suburbs work received during the conference.

some of the highlights with local interest:

1.     Attended Conference session regarding immigration policy and have included NLC information sheet.

2.     Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano released demographic statistic regarding immigration trends.  51% of immigrants now prefer suburbs to 33% in metro cities.

3.     Positive reception and constructive dialogue resulting from Congressional visits regarding Zip Code, CDBG funding, and preserving Municipal Bonds.

4.      The Utah League of Cities and Towns arranged a dinner for Utah delegates. Additionally, a brunch was sponsored with area businesses to discuss local priorities.

5.     Invited along with a select few committee chairs to participate in a Round Table discussion with new NLC Executive Director Clarence Anthony and NLC President Marie Rogers regarding ways to make NLC more beneficial to member cities in regarding training, networking, and advocacy.

6.     Attended a strategy session lunch meeting with The Ferguson Group & Ron Hamm to discuss layout and direction of federal priorities and representation.

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