Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More Recycling options

As I evaluate and compare West Valley City services with other communities nearby and across the nation, I am often impressed with the high level of services that we offer at often a lower overall price.  One such example that I can confidently share are the services provided by the West Valley City sanitation department along with our partners at Waste Management.  The recent change to bring these fees into one consolidated WVC utility bill, free and separate from your Rocky Mountain Power Bill, continues the trend of providing quality and efficient services.  With our current dumpster program, bulky waste collection, and current recycling system in place and successful we have been looking to find more ways to save money, protect our environment, and provide quality services to residents. 

One item that was noticeably absent from this portfolio of sanitation services was the inability to recycle glass products.  However, beginning next week West Valley City will offer an around the clock glass recycling drop off location.  The official release from the City is below:

West Valley City – Beginning March 1, 2013, West Valley City will partner with Waste

Management of Utah and Momentum Recycling to provide a glass recycling drop-off location. The

drop-off bin will be located at the West Valley City Public Works building at 2805 South 3600

West. The bin will be accessible seven days a week.

Waste Management will deliver the donated glass to Momentum Recycling, a local glass recycler.

Momentum Recycling will turn the recycled glass into high-quality raw materials for making a wide

range of products including fiberglass, containers, water filters and more.

General Rules for the Glass Recycling Drop-Off:

Glass bottles and jars only.

All colored glass is acceptable, including broken bottles and jars.

Do NOT place items outside of the bin.

Unaccepted Items:

Light bulbs
Fish tanks
Dishes, plates, glasses, coffee pots
Bags, boxes, cardboard

For additional information, contact West Valley City Sanitation at 801-955-3720. 

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