Monday, December 10, 2012

NLC Congress of Cities Report

Below is a copy of the report I submitted to the West Valley City Council regarding recent participation in the National League of Cities:

Councilmember Rushton
Council Report

December 4, 2012

Congress of cities nlc Conference


November 28-December I was able to attended and represented West Valley City at the National League of Cities Congress of Cities in Boston Massachusetts.  This year’s conference was actually offered four concurrent conferences to provide more in-depth exploration of the most pressing challenges facing cities. This general conference focus appeared to be more centered around tracking and influencing federal policy and reliance on technology. The conference at the Boston Convention Center began Wednesday and ended at the World Trade Center Seaport Saturday evening. It featured a large number workshops and roundtable discussions.  The seminars I attended this week included “Coping with Community Transformations and Population shifts” and “Making your City more Business Friendly” among others.  I also participated in the First Tier Suburbs Committee where I was re-appointed to serve as Vice Chair for the coming year. I also was invited to participate in the CED policy committee where recommendations were made to influence legislative agenda on a wide variety of related items including CDBG.  Additionally, I gathered materials on numerous best practice solutions, grant information, and vendor products in order to share them with executive staff for informational purposes.


conference highlights

some of the highlights with local interest:

1.     Participated in Leadership Training Institute Award Luncheon.

2.     Participated in the Developing Downtown Density workshop where I was able to compare Fairbourne project with similar projects and how to best turn downtown districts into a denser economic engine.

3.     Learned insights into League restructuring and new Executive Leadership positions and Presidency.

4.     Other delegates from Utah cities gathered for a caucus dinner with representatives from the Utah League of Cities and Towns.

5.     Able to meet with representative from Boston Mayor’s office regarding their Employee Residency requirements.

6.     Attached Federal Policy Slides

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